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Renegade Crowns is a Warhammer Fantasy Campaign set within the Border Princes.

Home is Wechslerberg, a small walled village witch lies nestled in the hills between the Howling River and the Blood Rivers. A Chaos infested forest to the north and a goblin filled swamp to the west and south is all the protects the village from the rampaging Broken Tooth Orks and Iron Claw Orks.

Campaign Started 4th of After-Witching, 2522
Time Elapsed Approximately 5 months
Current Date 12th of Sommer Tide, 2522 (Early Summer)

Our mighty heroes consist of a self titled noble and his court carving a their own kingdom out of the unclaimed, greenskin infested scrub-land of the Border Princes.

They are, in no paticular order:
Character Name Sex Race Current Career Player
Tray Froglicker Male Dwarf Protagonist Ron
Galbregar Bayleaf Male Halfling Fieldwarden Dan
Eugen Hoch Male Human Gambler John
Belkrin Make Dwarf Vagabond Jake
Katakin Male Dwarf Soldier Rob
Hethisa Stronghand Female Elf Bodyguard Tony
Belrilthyn Blackwood Female Elf Hunter Nate
Renald Wechsler Male Human River Warden Will
Hallman Houfer Male Human Noble Larry
Elsbeth Hoch Female Human Soldier Kanan
Fran Tallhelm Female Elf Mercenary Alex
Oldella Crumbley Male Halfling Smuggler Mitch

Renegade Crowns

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