Renegade Crowns

Kill the rat bastards and bury our friends

We moved through the night under a chaos moon to the bandit camp. We killed the bastards then went north to the main bandit camp. Yeah they sounded a warning horn before our arrival but that didn’t matter. When we got there a band of beastmen were cleaning up the bandits and we rushed them. Two of us died. We tried to bottleneck them buth they flanked us. It was a good fight but in the end we burried two of our companions. We got the relic in the dwarven lock box and our wounded we healed with it, Hell we grew back the peg leg’s leg and he was happy. I avn’t got the time to take it back to the priest, gonna try to make me a big axe next and take it to the pit. Sounds like a plan anyways, but we’ll see what mess my compaions get me into next.

Bridge Span

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Players in attendance: Characters who were NPC:

Start: 5th of Sommer Tide, 2522

Our adventure started in Buntwald. Hethisa Stronghand seeing that Fran Tallhelm was doing very badly unloaded her from the wagon and attempted to put her out of her mutating misery. Fran was able to escape the murderous mercy and is off in the woods somewhere.

Hallman Houfer seeing Hethisa Stronghand method of mercy offered to “Take care of” Renald Wechsler on the trip back to Wechslerberg freeing Isa to seek out the rest of the party which was headed to Bridge Span.

Coming south from Bridge Span our party encountered an unlikely pair of travelers. Belrilthyn Blackwood and Belkrin and female elf and male dwarf respectively. The duo were headed south on separate missions but had agreed to travel together for safety. Told of the plague and general chaos before them, they decided to join up with what was left of the trade mission and head back to Bridge Span as guides.

Eugen Hoch an human gambler from parts unknown having escaped from Buntwald and befriending the Dwarves Tray Froglicker and Katakin also decided to throw his lot in with the trade mission.

So of the 8 who only left Wechslerberg 2 days before, at least 2 were presumed dead, 2 were returning home plague ridden, and 4 were pushing north to establish trade in this perilous land.

The 3 day trip north was fairly uneventful. One evening some local fauna came sniffing around for food, but the bear cubs were scared off using common sense and tactics. The mother bear not enraged by the needless slaughter of her cubs did not attack the camp and eat anybody.

Upon arriving at Bridge Span the party was stopped by red attired men at arms belonging to the church. The party was questioned and then after reporting the sickness of the south was detained until they could be seen by Dr. Klaus and deemed plague free.

Dr. Klaus and another lower acolyte directed the party to the inn and arranged a meeting with Father Johnn the leader of the Sigmarite church. Father Johnn a large bearded man was happy to have trade reestablished with the south and promaced to send caravans south now that the road was clear and the bandit Dunburn was no longer in power.

Attention was then turned to Father Emil who was dead and crucified above the main alter. It seems that Father Emil was a bit of a drunkard and had stolen the Churches relic, The Shroud of Mother Elsbeth. The Shroud s reportedly a fragment of cloth from the robes of Mother Elsbeth which holds great healing power.

Father Emil had held to his story. A dream vision of a “Great sickness in Buntwald rising up to cover all the land”. He had sent the shroud south to the local healer in a dwarven cypher box to help with the sick. He was not believed and died on the cross.

Father Johnn having learned that he sickness was real had Father Emil’s body removed from the crodd and had begone a little needed atonement.

He has also offered a reward for the return of the relic.

Several days were then spent in Bridge Span shopping and requiping.

End: 12th of Sommer Tide, 2522

Stop the Rot
Players in attendance: Chacacters who were NPC:

It was a bloodbath that ended in the deaths of many including Snorbor and Gretchen.

It seems that 3 travelers who shared the inn with our adventures at Buntwald held a sinister secret. At least one of them was infected with a variant of the Nurgelish Rot.

Several people who came in contact with them were infected. Including Snorbor, Gretchen, Renald, and Fran.

In the ensuing Chaos, Gretchen killed the Shallya healer and later took her own life. Snorbor murdered the innkeeper, torched the tavern, ate most of the face off of Hellen, a small sad 3 year old peasent girl, and was killed by a mob of villagers.

The villagers who saw what happened to those who were effected, turned into purple yellowed hewed, bloated, and murderous madmen quickly killed any of their own kin who were also infected.

Hethisa Stronghand, Fran Tallhelm, Renald Wechsler, and Hallman Houfer managed to make good their escape and are headed back to Wechslerberg.

The others gathered up their trade goods and escaped as well and are considering their next move. On to Bridgespan? Find out what happened in Buntwald? Return to Wechslerberg and stop their plague carrying companions from infecting their home?

(More to come)


Players in Attendance:


3rd of Sigmar 2522


  • Rested 3 weeks untill filly healed in town.
  • Pissed Felix off by pointing out that there was no booze left at The Lazy Nipple. Felix proceded to stomp the town untill wounded and left for the swamps. Finflys Hawkhelm Finflys Hawkhelm is presumed dead after finding some of her flattened by Felix.
  • Headed north with bags of poppy to establish trade with [[Bridge Span.]]
  • Entered the forest and was beset by beastmen.
  • After two days of travel discovered the small village of Buntwald.


  • 150 xp for the session

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