Renegade Crowns


Players in Attendance:


3rd of Sigmar 2522


  • Rested 3 weeks untill filly healed in town.
  • Pissed Felix off by pointing out that there was no booze left at The Lazy Nipple. Felix proceded to stomp the town untill wounded and left for the swamps. Finflys Hawkhelm Finflys Hawkhelm is presumed dead after finding some of her flattened by Felix.
  • Headed north with bags of poppy to establish trade with [[Bridge Span.]]
  • Entered the forest and was beset by beastmen.
  • After two days of travel discovered the small village of Buntwald.


  • 150 xp for the session


Omg… Seriously? Everyone is dead? Lame. I mourn the death of my fallen comrades, for like 30 seconds. I’m good now.


Naa…the town is fine, It was just the tavern and part of the wall. Felix was never good with gates.


and dont forget snorbor for he will rise again


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