Renegade Crowns

Players in attendance: Chacacters who were NPC:

It was a bloodbath that ended in the deaths of many including Snorbor and Gretchen.

It seems that 3 travelers who shared the inn with our adventures at Buntwald held a sinister secret. At least one of them was infected with a variant of the Nurgelish Rot.

Several people who came in contact with them were infected. Including Snorbor, Gretchen, Renald, and Fran.

In the ensuing Chaos, Gretchen killed the Shallya healer and later took her own life. Snorbor murdered the innkeeper, torched the tavern, ate most of the face off of Hellen, a small sad 3 year old peasent girl, and was killed by a mob of villagers.

The villagers who saw what happened to those who were effected, turned into purple yellowed hewed, bloated, and murderous madmen quickly killed any of their own kin who were also infected.

Hethisa Stronghand, Fran Tallhelm, Renald Wechsler, and Hallman Houfer managed to make good their escape and are headed back to Wechslerberg.

The others gathered up their trade goods and escaped as well and are considering their next move. On to Bridgespan? Find out what happened in Buntwald? Return to Wechslerberg and stop their plague carrying companions from infecting their home?

(More to come)


It was a bloody day indeed! Some fast and furious action, great (if gruesome) role playing, and good character development (in that we have two new party members to replace those so tragically slain).


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