Renegade Crowns

Kill the rat bastards and bury our friends

We moved through the night under a chaos moon to the bandit camp. We killed the bastards then went north to the main bandit camp. Yeah they sounded a warning horn before our arrival but that didn’t matter. When we got there a band of beastmen were cleaning up the bandits and we rushed them. Two of us died. We tried to bottleneck them buth they flanked us. It was a good fight but in the end we burried two of our companions. We got the relic in the dwarven lock box and our wounded we healed with it, Hell we grew back the peg leg’s leg and he was happy. I avn’t got the time to take it back to the priest, gonna try to make me a big axe next and take it to the pit. Sounds like a plan anyways, but we’ll see what mess my compaions get me into next.



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