Mohawked former Riverwarden looking to live as long as possible.


High physical stats, low mental ones. Has a pistol and a broadsword.


Where are you from? The Dorfan port stronghold of Barak Vaar.

What is your family like? My mother was a Ferryman, and my father was a common laborer. Both lived long happy lives, and are nowsadly, deceased.

What is your social class? I joined up with the Riverwarden job to increase my stature, but decided that it would ultimately be unfulfilling as a life-long job. 

What did you do before you became an adventurer? I was a Riverwarden, a lawman and tax collector along the Howling River.

Why did you become an adventurer? My friend Paulus and I decided that the coast was not the place for us. Our small settlement close to the beach was attacked by maurading beastmen and my home was burned to the ground, and the bones of my family were disinterred from their tomb and cast into the flames of my house. All of  my skill as Riverwarden could do nothing to stop their onslaught, and so I decided to get in my rowboat and make my way up the Howling to see if there was a better life somewhere else.

How religious are you? I've just recently seen a miracle – the healing of Elsbeth's leg and face, by the holy shroud of Mother Elsbeth (unrelated) – and that has lent me a spirit for the sacred I haven't had for a long time.

Who are your best friends and worst enemies? My best friend right now is Paulus, the human Boatman. My worst enemy is a person who still considers me a friend, despite his haughty demeanor. The Dorf Scribe Nobthunk, famed historian of Barak Vaar was a friend to my father in much the same way he is a friend to me – he believes that my mere presence elevates his status.

What are your prized possessions?

Who are you loyal to?

Who do you love/hate?


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