Novels that may have inspired the campaign that players may want to read to help get in the mood. You can add comics and graphic novels to this list as appropriate, too.

Non – Fiction

Reference, history, biography, art books and other titles that may provide helpful background information for the campaign.


Inspirational movies that capture the feel of the setting.


TV shows that have a similar tone to the campaign.


A playlist of tunes that conveys the right feel for the game. Can be anything you like, including soundtracks to the movies listed above.


Roleplaying Sourcebooks

  • WFRP Information booklet (pdf 210 kb) Sam Stockdale This booklet by Sam Stockdale introduces the world of Warhammer. It makes an excellent introduction to the game for players, or those wondering if WFRP is the game for them. Even old hands will find it an interesting summary of the background.


Renegade Crowns McKracken