House Rules

Any house rules should be noted for ease of reference.

Social Contract

  • The group meets other Saturday night at The Dive Shop from 2pm to 1-2 am.
  • Bob may provide drinks but you should be self sufficient. Bring your own snacks and booze.

Character Creation

Renegade Crowns Character Creation

  1. Choose or Roll your sex.
    1. 1-7 Male 8-10 Female
  2. Roll your Race.
    1. ECM page 2 Adventures column.
  3. Roll a Name
    1. Character Pack pg 3
  4. Generate your Characteristics.
    1. WHFP pg 18
    2. Shallya’s Mercy. WHFR pg 19
  5. Record your racial features.
    1. Record Non Human Racial Traits. WHFR pg 18.
    2. Human Racial traits are determined by where the human is from. ECM pg 2
      1. Human and Halfling Random Talents are determined after Career is determined using the ECM pg 10.
  6. Determine your personal details.
    1. AGE ECM pg 9
      1. Birth date ECM pg 9
      2. Skills ECM pg 9
      3. Star sign ECM pg 9.5 (Liber Fanatica v4)
        1. Review WHFR Companion pg 46
    2. Personal Details ECM pg 11
      1. Handedness
      2. Birthplace
      3. Height, Weight, and Build
    3. Appearance ECM pg 12
      1. Hair and Eye color
      2. Distinguishing Marks
    4. Spirituality ECM pg 14
      1. Principal Deity
      2. Dooming
    5. Family Details ECM pg 16
      1. Use the Family History Creator ECM pg 16.5
    6. Friends and Enemies ECM pg 18
    7. Personal Heraldry
      1. Background and Design Character Pack pg 10, OWA pg 25
      2. Colors ECM pg 23
  7. Roll for your starting career.
    1. Master Table by race. CC pg 238
  8. Record the details of your career.
    1. Advancement scheme, skills, talents, and class trappings per career.
    2. Find Career class for rolled career. ECM pg 3
      1. Take class trappings. ECM pg 4
      2. Roll on the Where did you get your Hand Weapon Chart for each Hand weapon. ECM 6.5
  9. Take one free advance.
  10. 10. Answer and post answers to the Ten Questions for an extra free advance. WHRP pg 21

Combat Rules

  • Initituve is Agl + 1D20 and is rerolled every round via Turn Watcher. See the Bibliography for a link..
  • Josef’s Critical Hit Charts were selected by the players. A very tuned up set of criticals. See the Bibliography for a link.

Sourcebooks Allowed

  • All the Warhammer Fantasy 2E books are used.
  • Fan made material will be considered if presented.

Sourcebooks Banned

House Rules

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