Finflys Hawkhelm; Female Elf; Ap. Wizard; Tall, Ugly, Hairy, Scary, Mayor; Crushed by Felix (the Giant)

Gretchen; Female Human; Bounty Hunter; Lazy eye, whipped a beastman in half, ultra paranoid once diseased; Is now sadly deceased, having met her dooming.

Bel Krin; Male Dorf; Vagabond; Mentality of Forest Gump crossed with Slingblade led to his decapitation by bandits. No one mourns his passing.

Othgrim; Male Dorf; Riverwarden; Fell in with bandits, but was thankfully absent when they were all slain by beastmen and the party. Arriving late to the scene of the slaughter allowed him to join Hethisa as the new bandit leader. Will probably die soon.


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